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PODdy Mouth Blog is Dead

Posted by outskirtspressdirtytricks on April 17, 2008

Curious Reader,

While no one can say for certain whether Outskirts Press owner Brent Sampson was the coward behind the blog of lies PODdy Mouth, the guess of every other person in the industry is that he was. Who else would write lies about all other self publishing companies and continually promote Outskirts?  It is obvious that the blog was written by a competitor of other self-publishing companies.  Who else would spend all day writing misleading information about every self-publishing except Outskirts?  Two plus two equals…well you know the answer.

Luckily, Poddy Mouth was so transparent, that it blew up in the face of the liar / blogger.  Any legit publishing company doesn’t need to lie about its competitors to get customers. Enough said.


One Response to “PODdy Mouth Blog is Dead”

  1. Curious Reader said

    I’m also curious about Brent Sampson’s background. There’s absolutely nothing about him on the net, while there’s plenty of information about the owners of other POD companies, particularly the mom-and-pops. He mentions having degrees in English and Film, but was he living off a trust fund before that…or using another name? Even the company website is shielded with a listing agent’s ID. Why?

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