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Outskirts Press BUSTED for LYING!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by outskirtspressdirtytricks on April 7, 2008

Brent Sampson has finally been busted for lying about his competition.  Outskirts Press can’t get authors honestly, so, he (or his henchmen) created a blog that pretended to be about the industry — yet it published lies about every company, but Outskirts Press.

And now…one of the true watchdogs of the self-publishing industry has busted this blog for being a total fraud.

Read below:

Blogger PODdy Mouth Posts False Statements, Violates Copyright Law, Refuses to Correct Numerous Published Errors/Inaccuracies


4 Responses to “Outskirts Press BUSTED for LYING!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Mike Jones said

    I can corroborate this – I just posted a reply on another comment here. I got it direct from one of Brent Sampson’s folks. They thought it was hysterical. Don’t use Outskirts to publish anything – unless you like working with folks who spread lies and deceit.
    Mike – Designing Technical Specifications for IT Communication, avail Summer ‘08

  2. Angela Masters said

    Mike –

    You are so right!

    I just checked out PoddyMouth’s blog – and found it fascinating that Outskirts Press wins all the supposed ‘contests’ outlined on the site, and his comparisons were ludicrous. He paired companies against each other and made totally incorrect and random judgements. I followed several of his comparisons back to the publishers site – and nothing on the blog was corroborated in any way OTHER than the facts about Outskirts Press. Funny how that works! Nice job –


  3. rmlamatt said

    I am an author with outskirts press and this is very upsetting to say the least. Is this true that Brent Sampson has done this outlandish thing? I’m stunned if it is so.

  4. outskirtspressdirtytricks said

    Dear Rmlamatt,

    No one can say with a 100% degree of certainly that Brent Sampson was the PODdy Mouth blog, but common sense can only lead one to that conclusion. That the blog was filled with outright lies about every other self-publishing company, except Outskirts Press is really all the proof that one would need. Couple that with emails from Outskirts Press to prospective authors where Outskirts blatantly lied about its competitiors (and that the authors were kind enough to forward to said publishers) — and one can reasonably only come to one conclusion.-

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