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Another Outskirts Press Author — Mad as Hell

Posted by outskirtspressdirtytricks on April 2, 2008

While Outskirts Press lies about other self-publishing companies, its breaching its own contract.  One exasperated author whose book was accepted on 10/7/07 only had a defective galley proof on 3/11/08, the date he cancelled his contract.   The Outskirts Press contract promises publication (not a defective galley proof) within 90 days.  And, the galley copy had 314 mistakes in the first 100 pages.


3 Responses to “Another Outskirts Press Author — Mad as Hell”

  1. Mike Jones said

    Not only does Outskirts lie about its competitors, but the readers of this site should know that Brent Sampson – the owner of Outskirts Press – also runs a blog called “PoddyMouth” on WordPress. In the blog he makes outrageous lies about other self publishing companies – it’s amazing what he says (check it out). BUT – he’s too afraid to post under his own name. Don’t you hate it when bloggers can’t be brave enough to use their own names? I approached Outskirts about publishing a technical book – but I couldn’t stand the lies and getting a different answer each time I called. I swear I never got the same rep twice – most of them sounded like they were working from home. I’m looking at other options – probably going the Lulu.com route. So to all potential authors – Don’t Use Outskirts (unless you don’t mind working with liars).
    Mike – Designing Technical Specifications for IT Communication, avail Summer ’08

  2. there’s always something with all publishing companies. so it don’t matter who you go with as long as they’re on the business and paying you your money. and read the contract. there’s nothing like working with a company who may not know what’s going on period.

  3. Outskirts press produced a book for me, it looked good, but it was a hurried up job. Then came the real suprise, Marketing. BOOK BLAST: Now that you are published you need to broadcast your book to sell it. You need A Custom press release, PR Publicist Campaign, Personal Marketing Assistant, Book Review Submission Service, Book Blast Package – $999.00. Their help rushed through the services, spent very little time phoning and emailing me. The results NO BOOK SALES BY THEM! They as much as told me in an email that it was my fault that the book didn’t sell. Every where I go I have no trouble selling my book and people like it’s message. Outskirts Press is about $$$$, promise a lot grab a lot and then SORRY it’s not our fault! Terry Dorn – Author

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