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Why Does Outskirts Press Have to Lie About Its Competitors?

Posted by outskirtspressdirtytricks on March 21, 2008

The world of self-publishing is a competitive one.  All companies think that what they have to offer is the best available service.  But, one company, Outskirts Press, actually lies to prospective authors about the services of its competitors.

How pathetic is that?  Not only is it unethical, but it is sad.  Oh…and stupid.  Outskirts Press is careless enough to write the lies in emails.  Many authors want to know if such lies are true and they often email the company that is the subject of the lies to comment.  Since most lies told by Outskirts Press are so blatant, the companies simply point to the correct information on their websites.

If you  are with a self publishing company and have verifiable proof of the lies Outskirts Press has told about your company, let us know so we can help spread the word.  Post something here or ask us to do it for you.  We want to keep self-publishing honest and stop ruining the reputation of the industry by companies like Authorhouse, Outskirts Press, and others.  

Together we can stop the slimy sales tactics at Outskirts Press.

 If you are an author who has been subjected to any lies or unethical sales tactics of Outskirts Press let us know too. 

 If you one of the many authors who have tried to get out of your Outskirts contract and have been threatened, let us know. 


2 Responses to “Why Does Outskirts Press Have to Lie About Its Competitors?”

  1. Angela Hoy said

    If you google “booklocker”, an ad pops up for Outskirts that says:

    “Does Booklocker Compare? Compare the top 4 book publishers side by side, including royalties.”

    However, when you click, Booklocker isn’t included anywhere in the charts or numbers. Why? Because Booklocker is less expensive and a better deal than Outskirts. The ad actually features Outskirts, AuthorHouse, iUniverse and Xlibris.

    The ad is deceptive and illegal. Brent Sampson and Outskirts should be avoided at all costs.

    Outskirts is using Booklocker.com’s trademarked name in their google adwords. When we told them to stop, they pretty much said too bad, everybody’s doing it. They’re still using our trademarked name in their google adwords today. AuthorHouse used to do this, too, but they immediately stopped when we notified them about it.

    Finally, Outskirts Press has spammed WritersWeekly.com on more than one occasion.

    -Angela Hoy

  2. Curious Reader said

    I’ve been hearing rumors that Outskirts was behind a recent blog that posted a lot of misleading information about pretty much all the POD companies and in the final comparison, Outskirts came out on top. Anyone heard this? Is it true??

    The blog was featured in Preditors and Editors.

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